Thanks to our own vehicle fleet, we deliver products to any corner of Latvia.
We extract water from our own well 111m deep — a depth that allows us to get water saturated with useful properties.
Our assortment includes over 1000 items of carefully selected wholesale products.
Modern gentle filtration methods that
do not change the natural structure of water.

Kalnavoti drinking water
Volume 6L

We are the only ones in the Baltics who offer a unique product — 6L drinking water.

Pure drinking water in convenient packaging and at the best price!

Thanks to a special pump, it will be convenient for you to use water for drinking, cooking and preparing hot drinks without additional bulky equipment.

We deliver to the office and home of individuals and legal entities.

We have extensive experience in wholesale.

Kvass drinks

We have carefully developed the recipe for our kvass so that it reminds as much as possible of the familiar to all classic drink based on rye bread.

When developing the recipe, we decided to keep the tradition by adding modern cooking methods. Thus, our kvass drinks remind as much as possible of the classic kvass based on rye bread familiar to everyone.
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